Before moving forward I have some advice for all students, this advice holds true for new students, seasoned students, and even graduate students. This advice holds true for all classes regardless of their major.

  1. You are only in competition with yourself. Do not try to compare yourself to someone else! Many people have taken different paths and learned things that are different from you, nothing good comes from comparing yourself to others. You should only compare yourself to who you were in the past, how did you grow? What did you learn? Are you moving forward? These are the questions that you should ask yourself! Only by doing this does a person grow.
  2. The human brain can only hold so much information. As I work in parallelization and distributed programming I can’t help but see similarities between that and everyday life. You could be a genius who knows a bunch of stuff, yet never accomplish what a group of average people can do. With this being said I always recommend meeting other people, you can help them by teaching them, while also solidifying your knowledge in the area. Also if you know other people you can gain a lot from their perspective, and they can help you when you need it. Building a community is a great way to learn more and move forward!
  3. people are so focused on themselves they forget to treat people like people. It might sound weird, but if you pay attention you will notice it. Students go to class, the class ends, they leave. Use this to your advantage, talk to your professor, introduce yourself, get to know them. If the only time you talk to your professor is to complain about grades, then you did something wrong. That extra 5 min you spent talking to them and introducing yourself goes a long way. Making a good impression, or even an average one might help you out down the line.

TA - CS2230: Data Structures and Algorithms (Fall 2020, Spring 2021)

Student - Math4820: Optimization (Spring 2021)

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