About me

Hello! As you might have noticed from my name on the top of the site, I am Jamil! In the Fall semester 2020 (the most dreaded year so far) I started my Ph. D. in CS at the University of Iowa! I enjoy building programming and tackling new and interesting problems.  My focus can be summed up as applicational work. I love to design and develop code such that we can see tangible results that it produces. 
Shortly after graduating from CUNY Lehman College, I was accepted into the LANL Parallel Computing Summer school and eventually worked as a post-bachelors student. This contract ended in the fall of 2020 and I now in Iowa working on an interesting intersection between HPC/ML and Heuristic Swarm Optimisation… for the time being!
If you are interested feel free to reach out at jamil-gafur@uiowa.edu with the subject line “Website Connection”