Sushi: California Roll

If you are making sushi, SUSHI RICE IS NOT A REAL THING. its just short grain rice walmart has 5 pounds for about $6.00. Once you have that making sushi rice is pretty straight forward.

You should end up with some sticky sushi rice – dont stir it to much or it will break apart!




  • Dash of rice vinegar
  • Sesame seeds


Steps (using a pot):

  1. Take a sheet of aluminum foil and lay a sheet of nori on it
  2. put down a thin layer of rice ontop the nori sheet maybe
    • half an inch? dealers choice!
    • it’s better to do less and add if you want
  3. cut the cucumber into 4 long strips
    • Cut it in half down the long side 2 time
  4. scrape off the seeds of the cucumber with a spoon
  5. Cut the avocado and place it 1.5 inches from the top
  6. Add the cucumber next to the avocado
  7. Put the imitation crab next to it as well
  8. Use the aluminum foil to pick up the sheet and start to roll the sushi roll on itself
  9. once in a roll use the aluminum to pat it down!
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